Accelerate Support with an Automated Helpdesk

Cut response times to a fraction of what they used to be with Onsite Support, your automated helpdesk. Shatter barriers, end busywork, and automate everything from assigning SLAs to requesting order IDs. Say goodbye to manual ticket management and focus on running your business again.

Give Faster, Better, Smarter Support Across Multiple Marketplaces

No more manual logins to individual marketplaces or daily two-factor authentication code requests. Empower agents to access comprehensive order information and resolve issues right within your Onsite inbox.

View Comprehensive Order Data with Each Ticket

See detailed information about each customer’s order, regardless of the marketplace it came from.

  • Answer customer questions in detail without switching tabs
  • Use automation rules to assign tags and SLAs to tickets
  • Create personalized triggers, canned responses, and reports with ecommerce data pulled directly into your Onsite account

Resolve Customer Issues within Tickets

Selling on multiple marketplaces? No problem. Onsite provides a centralized location to resolve all customer queries right within their tickets. Here’s what you can do:

  • All Marketplaces: Resolve replacement requests and fulfill orders via FBA with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • Amazon: Process refunds, mark tickets as “No response needed,” view previous orders, and request customer reviews
  • eBay: Resolve Resolution Center cases, process cancellations, returns, and refunds, tackle Best Offer back-and-forths, and respond to customer feedback
  • Walmart: Update shipping statuses, process cancellations, and issue refunds
  • Shopify: Process cancellations, issue refunds, update shipping details, and view previous orders
  • Etsy: Upload shipping details to complete orders, change your Etsy store’s announcement message, and use the “Reply on Etsy” button to jump over to a conversation
  • Newegg: Upload shipping information and cancel orders
  • Back Market: Validate orders, upload shipping information, issue refunds, and cancel orders
  • WooCommerce: Update order statuses, issue refunds, and manage order changes

Boost Engagement with Custom Chatbots

Build your own chatbots for different scenarios and reach customers during every stage of their journey.

  • Create chatbots for different brand pages, support channels, days of the week, or times of the day
  • Set chatbots to send specific responses to customer messages, such as sharing the correct product manual for the item the customer ordered

Improve Response Times with High-Quality Autoresponders

Never miss a beat with personalized auto-replies. Respond to customer inquiries 24/7 with high-quality autoresponders that meet marketplaces’ response time SLAs.

  • Build e-commerce autoresponders with the same depth of personalization as chatbots
  • Address customers by name and provide detailed, helpful information about their orders and product inquiries
  • Answer commonly asked questions without sounding like a robot
  • Meet strict response time requirements on Amazon, Newegg, and eBay

Accelerate Answers with Canned Responses

Efficiency meets personalization! Take canned responses to the next level with personalized order data.

  • Include detailed information like Amazon’s estimated delivery date or Walmart’s tracking ID*
  • Help agents effortlessly answer customer queries
  • Freely enter canned responses as direct replies or as notes visible only to your team

*Available actions vary by channel.

Do More with Macros

Empower agents to achieve more while doing less. With macros, you can trigger a set of actions such as entering a canned response, reassigning the ticket to another agent, applying a custom tag, updating the ticket status, and more—all in two clicks! Dramatically reduce the time spent on each ticket and increase customer satisfaction.

Translate Automatically

Integrate a free Google Translate or DeepL account to instantly translate your tickets and responses. No more copying and pasting from one tab to another—simply hit the translate button and watch the message transform.

Streamline Workflows with Robust Rule Automation

Be productive and efficient with automated workflows. Unlock the potential of seamless, hands-free ticket management so agents devote more of their time to resolving complex cases.

  • Create SMART assignments with rules that automatically adjust ticket priorities, reassign tasks, and pull in the right agents when needed
  • Craft personalized triggers based on factors like e-commerce order data, ticket or chat creation times, and whether the ticket has been assigned to an agent yet
  • Maximize efficiency by setting triggers to activate during business hours or outside regular working times

With Onsite Support, your business is always responsive and present when customers most need help. Your automated helpdesk can provide them with the best answer at the right time or help your team resolve tickets with ease and finesse. Experience the difference today!

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