Onsite Support Marketplace Integrations

Integrate Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Walmart, Back Market, Woo and Newegg with Onsite for free! Skip the frustrations of customer service with the helpdesk made for ecommerce. Every Onsite Support subscription includes unlimited marketplace account integrations, messaging and more. Checkout the below features by marketplace!

Onsite-Amazon Integration

Link Onsite to the Amazon PLSprogram and Buyer-Seller Messaging to create the ultimate Amazon support solution.

  • Answer messages, emails and live chats from all your Amazon brands on one screen​
  • View order data beside any Amazon ticket
  • Mark messages as “No response needed” or trigger Amazon’s “Request a Review” button
  • View data on up to 10 of the customer’s most recent orders from the same Amazon account

Onsite-eBay Integration

Use Onsite Support’s unrivaled eBay integration to achieve record-breaking response times.

  • Handle all your eBay support in Onsite, from messages to Best Offers to Resolution Center cases
  • Monitor and respond to eBay feedback with optional interactive notifications
  • Take actions like approving cancellations, issuing refunds and much more

Onsite-Walmart Integration

Onsite Support’s Onsite-Walmart integration flattens the speedbumps in Walmart support.

  • Respond directly to messages, escalations and even New Order notifications
  • Update shipping statuses and acknowledge orders
  • Get every order detail you could need for support, from item SKUs to tracking IDs
  • Refund returns, process cancellations, acknowledge orders, and update shipping statuses

Etsy-Onsite Integration

Etsy is the only marketplace that won’t accept replies from any app, but Onsite Support can still help you speed up support!

  • Get all your Etsy messages and order details in Onsite
  • Reply directly to Etsy messages to email the customer,* or hit “Reply on Etsy” to hop right into the conversation on Etsy
  • Complete orders from Onsite by uploading shipping details

Onsite-Shopify Integration

Whether you have one Shopify store or one hundred, Onsite Support lets you provide seamless support to all your shoppers.

  • See dozens of details about the customer’s most relevant order automatically
  • View info on up to 10 of the customer’s most recent orders from the same store
  • View a customer’s orders from your other stores anytime they have purchased from more than one
  • Cancel, refund, and/or restock Shopify orders
  • Update customer and order info in your Shopify records right from Onsite

Back Market–Onsite Integration

Selling refurbished electronics online can be a challenging business. Minimize your Back Market returns and support costs with Onsite Support!

  • Reply to any Back Market ticket to contact the agent who’s supporting your customer
  • Validate orders, upload shipping info, and cancel or refund items on Back Market tickets
  • Create your own powerful canned responses with over 20 possible placeholders

Onsite-Newegg Integration

Why log in to Newegg just to answer messages? Onsite Support lets you handle it all with the help of Onsite’s incredible support tools.

  • Stop worrying about response time limits with Newegg-compatible autoresponders
  • Upload shipping details, cancel orders, or remove items with Onsite Support actions
  • Get all the order info you need to respond fast without looking anything up on Newegg

Features and Benefits

Ticketing System

Provide support for customers using ticketing system , with email integration .

Knowledge Base

Robust platform for FAQs , product guides , and create a complete Knowl edge base for your brand .

Messaging and Live Chat

Provide instant and professional sup port using live chat bots on our tool and your brand site .

QR Code Generator

Onsite provides a unique QR code to use on your product packaging and materi als directing customers directly to your branded support site.

Custom Branded Portal

We help you design and create a full custom branded landing page and URL matching your brand aesthetic.

Social Media Intehgration

Connect your social media accounts directly to our chat and ticketing tool so you can handle all your support in one place, never missing a beat.

Do AI Live Chat Answer Bot

Creat scenarios for triggers and conver sation routing, building an efficient sup port team and increasing customer satisfaction.

Business Hours

Set your live chat days and hours, create an away message directing customers to submit a ticket during off hours.

Community Forums

Gather real customer feedback, provide solutions and gain insight to customer be havior .

Reporting and Analytics

Track key metrics of incoming requests and measure your teams performance.

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