Achieve More, Delight More with Better Teamwork

Providing exceptional customer service is a team effort. Collaboration results in faster, more accurate, and more efficient support. Keep everyone on the same pageand eliminate silos with Onsite Support’s collaboration features.

Auto-Assign Tickets with Smart Assignments

Effortlessly distribute tickets among your agents with Onsite’s Smart Assignments feature. Achieve balance and efficiency in workload management—without lifting a finger.

  • Round Robin Ticket Assignment: Automatically distribute tickets equally among your agents, ensuring a fair allocation of tasks.
  • Advanced Options for Workload Control: Set limits on the number of tickets assigned to a single agent, preventing overload and ensuring optimal productivity.
  • Custom Settings for Every Situation: Define custom settings to address various scenarios, such as assigning tickets to agents in different groups when none are available in the responsible group.

Instant Notifications with @Mentions

Foster real-time communication and collaboration with @Mentions.

  • Tag Teams and Agents Instantly: Type @ into any ticket to bring up a list of all teams and agents.
  • Decide Who Sees the Message: Mention agents in any reply, or @ them in notes to draw their attention without messaging the customer.
  • Instant Notification Alerts: Agents receive instant notifications when mentioned, allowing them to check the ticket and respond promptly.

Ticket Escalation for Dynamic Support

Adapt to changing circumstances with Onsite’s ticket escalation capabilities.

  • Priority Changes on Demand: Adjust ticket priorities from Normal to Low, High, or Urgent manually or automatically. Trigger changes based on conditions you set, setting off your own custom SLAs on demand.
  • Instant Reassignment: Instantly reassign tickets from agents to admins, facilitating dynamic workload management and efficient issue resolution.
  • Collaboration Beyond Boundaries: Export tickets* to share them outside of Onsite, fostering cross-team collaboration.

*This feature is not available for ecommerce tickets other than chats

Realize Better Teamwork with Onsite Support

Onsite redefines teamwork, improving collaboration, removing silos, and enhancing productivity. Boost your team's performance and achieve better teamwork with Onsite Support today.

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