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E-commerce customers in today’s technology-driven world have grown accustomed to goods and services being delivered with speed and efficiency. Online marketplaces like Amazon offer next-day shipping on thousands of products around the world, and customer service on these orders is often just a few moments away thanks to phone and live chat support.

With the help of Onsite Support, live chatting with online shoppers is now a realistic option for e-commerce businesses of all sizes. Whether you just need Amazon live chat software or you operate across multiple platforms, Onsite has a solution catered to your customer service needs.

Onsite Support Is the Best Solution for E-commerce Live Chat

Onsite Support chat between a chatbot and an Amazon customer with ChannelReply order data

An Onsite chatbot requesting basic info from an Amazon customer. Order details are displayed on the right using ChannelReply, included free with every Onsite account.

Onsite Support is the only e-commerce customer support solution of its kind. It allows you to set up real live chat software for all the following popular online marketplaces:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Newegg
  • Back Market

You can also integrate Onsite’s live chat software with Shopify and WooCommerce storefronts if you sell products on your own site.

In the following sections, we will cover how Onsite works across several platforms, how you can set up a chatbot to interact with your customers from a custom-built help page, and how you can deliver solutions to common issues in real time.

Integrate Your Onsite Support Help Center Across Multiple Platforms

Email conversation with an Etsy customer in Onsite Support with product ordered details

An email conversation with an Etsy customer, complete with order data.

A custom-built branded portal is included in all paid plans at Onsite Support. This support portal can provide important information about your products, including frequently asked questions, user guides, and tutorial videos. It also has your business’s contact information and a chat prompt for customers looking for additional support.

Chatbot prompt on the Roomietec Onsite Support portal
A chatbot prompt on RoomieTEC’s Onsite Support portal. Discover how this portal helped a support team 3.8X their efficiency in our Sojourn Consulting Services case study.

What makes this page so powerful is that it complies with the terms and services of major online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy. Since this page is designed for support and not sales, you are allowed to link to this support page on your Walmart profile or from Etsy conversations. And in Amazon’s case, redirecting customers is even easier thanks to the Product Lifecycle Support (PLS) Program.

Linking directly to offsite support pages is not supported by eBay, Newegg, or Back Market. But customers who find your help center through search or by visiting it directly will be able to chat with you, and you will be able to seamlessly pull up their order details.

Guaranteed Approval for Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support Program

Since Onsite Support worked directly with Amazon to create its Amazon live chat software, brands that sign up for this service are guaranteed Product Lifecycle Support (PLS) enrollment. The Amazon PLS program was designed to improve customer satisfaction and to prevent unnecessary returns by giving customers additional support resources.

One of the biggest perks of PLS enrollment for sellers is the addition of the bright yellow “Get product support” button on all applicable orders on a customer’s order page.

Get Product Support button on an Amazon order screen for a printer

If a customer is having an issue with their product and visits their order page to start a return or leave a negative review, their eyes will be drawn to the “Get product support” button instead.

If they click on this, they will get the option to visit your custom-built branded portal, where they can learn more about your product or initiate chat support. On average, Onsite users have reported a 15% decrease in Amazon product returns thanks to this opportunity to directly address customer concerns through live chat.

Have Support Messages Across All Platforms Delivered to One Place

All Onsite customers receive ChannelReply for free. Integrating ChannelReply with Onsite allows you to combine the customer service platforms of all your supported online marketplaces into one convenient helpdesk.

For example, say that you currently sell products on Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. When you integrate these marketplaces with ChannelReply, you will have customer support messages from all three of these sites delivered to your Onsite helpdesk. Detailed order info appears next to every message so you never need to dig around for the customer’s order.

eBay message in Onsite Support with order data from ChannelReply.

An eBay message in Onsite Support. The order data on the right goes on to show details like item purchased and tracking ID.

Chat requests are delivered to the same helpdesk. They are clearly labeled as chats and have a different interface so you can easily differentiate them from other message types. With all your customer support messages in one easy-to-use platform, you’ll never miss a question regardless of how many selling accounts you have.

Embed a Live Chat Widget on Your Shopify or WooCommerce Storefront

Canceling a Shopify order with ChannelReply during a live chat in Onsite Support

Canceling a Shopify order while live chatting with the customer in Onsite.

Onsite also provides Shopify live chat software at no additional cost. If you are already signed up for Onsite, you’ll be able to install a chat widget on your Shopify or WooCommerce store. Having live chat directly in your store will help you to convert potential buyers into paying customers, as they can ask you questions and give you the opportunity to close deals in real time.

For details on how to set up these live chat widgets, visit our Shopify widget setup guide or our WooCommerce/WordPress guide.

Set Up Your Chatbot to Automate Initial Chat Support

Proactive support can be delivered to your customers before you have any direct contact with them thanks to the Onsite Support chatbot. Your chatbot can answer basic questions and collect important information before passing the customer on to you, saving you and the customer valuable time.

Request Order ID and Other Important Information

As an example, you can set up your chatbot to provide customers with a form they must fill out to initiate live chat. This form could include a few simple prompts such as the customer’s name, the ID number of the order they need help with, and some brief details on what the issue is.

After these prompts are filled out, you will receive a notification that a live chat conversation has been initiated. You won’t need to ask these basic questions every time as they will already be answered prior to the start of your conversation.

Chat between a Shopify customer and an Onsite Support chatbot with order details displayed on the right.

A chat between an Onsite Support chatbot and a Shopify customer. The agent can click “Join Chat” to take over the chatbot.

That one-line prompt asking for the order ID number allows ChannelReply to populate the order details prior to a support agent taking over the chat. With key information about the order and the customer already displayed on the same screen as the chat window, the support agent can jump right into resolving the issue without needing to get up to speed with a bunch of additional follow-up questions.

Issuing an Amazon refund with Onsite Support’s live chat software

Since the chatbot successfully collected the customer’s order ID, ChannelReply has populated with data and actions. The agent can refund the customer’s Amazon order from Onsite without asking any further questions.

Create Custom Chat Workflows for Specific Scenarios

Your chatbot will have a general workflow that applies to most scenarios. Using the same example from above, perhaps the default message is to greet the customers and politely request their name and the order number in question before passing them along to an agent.

A chatbot prompt on Master Airbrush’s Onsite Support help center

Master Airbrush starts with a simple chatbot prompt on their Onsite help center, requesting only the customer’s name and email address.

But Onsite also gives you the option to create as many custom workflows as you want for different situations. For example, you could build a workflow that triggers a different response if a customer interacts with your chatbot on weekends. This could give them a message tree that looks something like this:

  • If they reach out during business hours: Standard prompt, requesting necessary information before connecting them with a support agent.
  • If they reach out on a weekend: Custom prompt stating that live chat will return Monday, followed by chatbot workflows to help customers find knowledge base articles that could help them troubleshoot their issue in the meantime.
Setting up an out-of-office flow for an Onsite Support chatbot

Setting up an out-of-office chatbot for weekdays. Clicking “Monday (+4)” will show that all five weekdays are selected and allow for adding or removing any day.

There are many potential use cases for custom workflows with multiple scenarios and conditions to choose from. Conditions you can choose from include:

  • Day – Day of the week
  • Number of Visits
  • Time Range – What time of day the message is received
  • Time on Page
  • User

This tool puts you in control and allows you to ensure that the chatbot interacts with your customers in a manner that suits your brand and schedule. Here are just a few examples of potential scenarios you could set up:

  • Create out-of-office and in-office flows based on both the day and time.
  • Automatically greet the customer with a good morning, afternoon or evening based on the time the message is received.
  • Have the chatbot window open automatically if the customer has been on the page for a certain period of time to ask if they need assistance with anything.
  • Thank loyal users with specific messages or prompts after they have identified themselves with their email address.

Setting up a time-based chatbot prompt for users who spend more than two minutes on specific pages.

Troubleshoot and Solve Issues in Real Time with Live Chat

Once the chatbot has collected the information you have requested from the customer, their live chat will be sent ahead to you or your agent. This will be your chance to solve whatever issues they are dealing with in real time.

View Orders and Issue Refunds from Onsite’s Live Chat Software Interface

In addition to displaying the live chat with the customer, Onsite also displays order information. As long as your Onsite account has been integrated to the online marketplace in question via ChannelReply, your seller account details will be auto-detected and the customer’s order will appear beside the chat.

With this built-in integration to your seller accounts, you won’t need to leave the chat or open up a different tab to access your storefronts. If you are unable to resolve a customer’s problem and need to cancel an order or issue a refund, you can do so right from the Onsite Support live chat window.

Refunding a Shopify order in Onsite Support with ChannelReply

Refunding a Shopify order during a live chat.

Give Live Chat a Try with a 30-Day Free Trial

The importance of being able to offer live chat support to customers from Amazon, Walmart, and other popular online marketplaces cannot be overstated. The excellent customer service that you provide will lead to fewer returns, more positive feedback, and long-term brand loyalty.

You can try out both Onsite Support and ChannelReply together with a free 30-day trial today. Note that the custom-built branded portal and Amazon PLS enrollment are only available once you become a paying Onsite customer. But during the trial, you will be able to test out the interface, use the chatbot on your Shopify or WooCommerce store, send and receive marketplace messages and much more. Don’t hesitate to give this one-of-a-kind live chat software a try!

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