Support, Engage and Reduce Costs with One Complete Package

Prevent up to 40% of returns and respond 4X faster with an AI-boosted e-commerce helpdesk.

All-in-One Solution

Deliver Jaw-Dropping Support with a Branded Customer Portal

Provide better, faster support and self-help experiences. Our team will custom-build your help center in perfect alignment with your brand and marketplaces, including Amazon’s “Get Product Support” program requirements.

  • Custom-Built Landing Page: Beautifully designed around your vision
  • Knowledge Base: Transform your content into an Ecommerce friendly help center
  • Customer Community: Enable customers to help each other and give you direct feedback
  • Videos, Guides & Manuals: Embed rich materials like videos and PDFs in a searchable database
  • Live Chat & Chatbots: Offer live support or automatically gather info and suggest solutions
  • Custom Forms: Create forms for everything from ticket submission to warranty registration

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Eliminate Frustration with an Omnichannel Helpdesk

Get in the zone and solve every customer request without switching to another tab. Onsite Support ends the need for bouncing between communication channels.

  • Built for E-commerce: View orders, answer messages, and resolve returns across Amazon, Walmart, Shopify and much more
  • Branded Email: Pull in all your support emails without changing your email address
  • Voice and SMS: Integrate JustCall and transform calls and texts into support tickets
  • Social Media: Connect with everything from Facebook and X to Instagram and Telegram
  • Live Chat: All features included, from custom chatbots to viewing the customer’s order
  • Integrated Help Center: Pull your articles, videos and guides into canned replies and live chats

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Minimize Waits with Actions & Automations

Use AI and custom automations to complete hours of work in an instant. Onsite Support multiplies the power of your customer service team.

  • Interactive Order Data: Use details like what item the customer ordered in everything from macros to chain-reaction automations
  • Instant Resolution: Manage Amazon refunds, Walmart cancellations and dozens of other actions
  • Intelligent Chatbots: Create branching chat trees and multiple chatbots to handle any request
  • Invisible Autoresponders: Send auto-replies so personalized they get treated as human answers
  • Incredible Canned Replies: Answer complex questions with two clicks—no keyboard necessary
  • Inspired Macros: Reply, re-tag, reassign, reprioritize… one custom action can do it all

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Bring Out Your Team’s Best with Silo-Free Collaboration

Work with your colleagues, not against them. Onsite helps you ensure accountability, equal workloads, and painless communication.

  • Smart Assignments: Distribute tickets evenly (round robin) or set rules like max tickets per agent
  • @Mentions: Notify any agent or admin that a ticket needs their attention
  • Dynamic Escalation: Reassign tickets, change SLAs, or even export conversations* as needed

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*Not available on e-commerce tickets other than chats

Prove Your Results with Concrete Numbers

In business, you can’t take anything on faith. Make informed decisions by measuring your team’s performance and tracking the impact of new tools and strategies in real time.

  • Custom SLAs: Set marketplace-specific SLAs to meet needs like Amazon’s 24-hour response time
  • Agent Tracking: Monitor SLA breaches and view detailed analyses of agent response times
  • Volume Reporting: Spot trends and identify your busiest days to better allocate your resources
  • Data Visualization: Turn data into decisions with easy-to-read charts and graphs
  • E-commerce Insights: Sort and tally tickets—or even all your orders—by specific details like SKU
  • CSAT: Learn what your customers really think with custom, automated satisfaction surveys

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Go Live in Record Time with Done-for-You Setup and Live Onboarding Support

Skip the struggle of learning to use a site builder or third-party tools. Our professional designers, onboarding specialists, and native integrations let you jump straight to getting results.

  • Custom Design: Our team will turn your vision for your branded help center into reality
  • Marketplace Safe: We guarantee approval for Amazon’s “Get Product Support” program
  • Onboarding Support: Get free priority assistance with setup and training
  • Streamlined Integrations: Swiftly connect everything from Amazon to WhatsApp at no cost
  • Seamless Transitions: Import all your tickets from Zendesk, Help Scout or Gorgias

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Prevent returns with our custom Amazon support solution

Onsite Support is run by ecommerce sellers who work closely with Amazon on innovative support solutions. For example, Onsite enables the “Get product support” button to your Amazon order page –connecting customers directly with you, the brand. Finally, you can do the things other sellers only dream of!

  • Direct Amazon customers to your own dedicated, fully branded help desk
  • Avoid returns by offering real-time support with live chat, chatbots and smart responses
  • Add TOS-approved QR code support inserts to your product packaging
  • Help your customers self-support with custom-built knowledge bases, FAQs, videos, manuals and more!

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WhatsApp Integration

Facebook Integration

X (Twitter) Integration

Instagram Integration

Order data as variables in canned responses

Amazon PLS Support Program

White Glove Onboarding & Migration

All-in-One Solution

Meet directly with Isaac, co-founder of Onsite Support, for a deep-dive live demo and Q&A call.

  • Get answers to all your questions
  • Eliminate any uncertainty about setup
  • See everything from sample customer portals to e-commerce tickets in action

See Onsite in action at your convenience, anytime you have a few minutes to spare.

  • Learn how co-founders Joe Abitbol and Isaac Hadriye worked from their experience as sellers and at the request of Amazon to create Onsite Support
  • See top features in action, like custom help centers and live chats with Amazon customers

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