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Luminess Delivers On-Point Customer Service through Onsite Support

Luminess is an innovative brand that blends technology and personal care. Their signature product is an advanced airbrush system that enables consumers to apply cosmetics and hair and skin care products with better precision. The handy airbrush turns a concentrated formulation into ultra-fine mist for flawless coverage.

Luminess’s website

The Luminess website.

The Challenge

Like most brands offering technology-based products, Luminess encounters customers who need assistance with product usage. Unfortunately, the limitations of Amazon’s customer service often resulted in customer issues automatically turning into refund or return requests. This posed a significant challenge for Luminess, impacting customer satisfaction and leading to increased negative reviews.

The Solution

To address challenges in customer service, Luminess’s support team chose Onsite Support as their technology partner. The full suite of Onsite’s customer support tools provides Luminess with an efficient way to handle customer concerns.

With Onsite Support, Luminess is able to optimize the use of Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support program. They can now add a “Get product support” button on every order page, directing customers to a branded support site where they can get the help they need.

Get Product Support button on Amazon

Amazon’s “Get product support” button is bright yellow to draw attention away from options like “Return or replace items.”

Now equipped with an advanced ticketing system and live chat software, Luminess can address customer issues in a timely manner. They can process product replacements, provide partial or full refunds, give discount codes, and address common issues faster.

Luminess’s Onsite Support help center

Luminess’s Onsite Support help center.

Another third-party service provider, VENDO, manages the live chat and email tickets on a set schedule. They also generate reports on the number of issues resolved positively, negative feedback averted, and returns/refunds prevented.

The Results

Luminess reduced returns 40% and negative reviews 20% with Onsite Support

In the first four months with Onsite, Luminess saw a dramatic decline in negative reviews and return/refund rates. There were 20% fewer negative reviews and a 40% decrease in returns and refunds.

With Onsite Support, Luminess now delivers additional value to their customers through their branded help center. Aside from live chat support, they also give customers access to product details, FAQs, marketing offers, and other information, providing a marked improvement in the customer experience.

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