How Miko Raised Support Efficiency 96% with Onsite Support

Health and wellness company Miko launched in 2018 with their flagship offering, the Yoisho foot massager. Mixing the latest in tech with millennia-old shiatsu techniques, the Yoisho helped Miko gain footing (pun very much intended) in the marketplace. It also served as a kind of sign for what the rest of the Miko product line […]

Luminess Delivers On-Point Customer Service through Onsite Support

Luminess is an innovative brand that blends technology and personal care. Their signature product is an advanced airbrush system that enables consumers to apply cosmetics and hair and skin care products with better precision. The handy airbrush turns a concentrated formulation into ultra-fine mist for flawless coverage. The Luminess website. The Challenge Like most brands […]