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How Onsite helped reduce Amazon Returns & Negative Reviews (Case Study)

At Threecolts, we’re committed to providing solutions that truly make a difference for businesses navigating the complex landscape of e-commerce. Today, we want to share a success story from one of our key components, Onsite Support. This tale of transformation revolves around a leading beauty/cosmetics brand and its journey to significantly reducing returns and refunds on Amazon.

The Challenge

The brand was dealing with a major issue – a high volume of returns and refunds for their flagship electric product listed on Amazon. The root of this problem was the brand’s struggle with the inherent limitations of Amazon’s existing customer service system. Immediate and effective solutions were often not available, making automatic refunds or returns the default response.

The Onsite Solution

In response to this challenge, we deployed Onsite Support, an integral part of Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support program. Onsite Support allowed us to integrate a “Get Product Support” button on the customer’s Amazon order page. This button led customers to an off-Amazon landing page equipped with a live chat and ticket system, paving the way for real-time problem resolution and improved customer support.

Our Strategy

Our comprehensive strategy involved several key steps:

  • Collaboration with VENDO: We partnered with VENDO to implement Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support program, facilitating a smooth transition to a customer-centric landing page enriched with live chat, FAQs, and marketing promotions.
  • Implementation of Best Practices: We assisted the brand in employing best practices for addressing customer concerns. This included providing comprehensive FAQs and strategies for resolving common issues.
  • Customer Service Management: We ensured responsive and consistent customer service by managing live chat and email tickets according to a defined schedule.
  • Tracking & Reporting: We closely monitored the situation and reported on key metrics, including reductions in refunds/returns, negative reviews, and negative seller feedback.
Amazon Returns and Negative Reviews Reduced

The Results

The results of our strategic efforts were truly impressive. Over a span of just 4 months, returns/refunds dropped drastically by 40% (from 10% to 6% of all orders). Additionally, negative reviews declined by 20%.

Amazon Product lifecycle support and Onsite Support

Moving Forward

At Onsite, in association with Threecolts, we’re incredibly proud to enhance customer experiences and aid brands as they expand their online business growth. Our success with this beauty/cosmetics brand underlines our commitment to helping brands navigate the world of e-commerce with ease and efficiency.

We continue to innovate and adapt our services to meet the evolving needs of online businesses. To learn more about how we can help your brand succeed in the online marketplace, get in touch with us today.

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