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Why Onsite Support Is the #1 Customer Support Solution for Amazon Sellers

In the competitive world of Amazon selling, high seller ratings and positive product reviews influence search algorithms. It determines your product’s visibility and, ultimately, your sales.

Having effective customer support can impact these ratings through timely responses. If you address buyer inquiries and manage returns smoothly, you can reach them before they escalate to negative reviews.

However, Amazon sellers face a bunch of challenges in managing customer support. Direct communication with buyers is often limited, so it’s hard to resolve concerns before they lead to returns or negative feedback. Managing buyer messages on Amazon can be cumbersome.

There’s also Amazon’s stringent SLA policies requiring responses within 24 hours. Plus, the costs associated with returns, like new return fees, can significantly impact the bottom line.

This is where Onsite Support enters the picture. It’s a comprehensive customer support solution designed specifically for Amazon sellers. By integrating with the marketplace and housing all customer interactions, Onsite solves these problems head-on. This article will explain exactly how we do it. 

1. Seamless Integration with Amazon

Onsite Support is deemed the best customer support software for Amazon due to its seamless integration with the platform. This includes a direct API connection and the addition of the yellow “Get Product Support” button. This integration brings several other advantages for Amazon sellers:

  • Centralized Portal: Manage Amazon buyer messages, order page tickets, return notifications, and seller feedback all in one place. This centralized portal simplifies the process of keeping track of all communications and actions required.
  • Relevant Order Information: Onsite Support brings all relevant order information directly to each ticket. This means you can see exactly what the customer ordered and you can go straight to addressing their concerns.
  • Issue Refunds or Replacements: With Onsite Support, you can issue refunds or replacements directly from the platform. This reduces the time and effort needed to resolve issues and improves customer satisfaction.
  • Mark Messages as “No Response Needed”: Quickly and easily mark messages as “no response needed” to keep your inbox organized and focused on actionable items.
  • Request a Review Button: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews with a simple Request a Review button.
  • Track SLA Times and Performance: Onsite Support helps you track SLA times and performance. This ensures that you meet Amazon’s stringent response time requirements and maintain high service standards.

2. Unique Features Tailored for Amazon Sellers

Onsite Support stands out as the #1 customer support solution for Amazon sellers, thanks to its unique features tailored specifically to meet their needs.

Aside from being an Amazon helpdesk, one of the most significant features of Onsite is its ability to issue refunds and replacements directly from the platform. Our Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) feature streamlines the resolution process. It also enhances customer satisfaction by providing quick solutions to their problems. This makes it one of the best Amazon FBA software a seller can ever get.

Another striking feature is the guaranteed enrollment in Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support (PLS) program. This lets sellers add a “Get Product Support” button on their order pages. This service directs customers to a dedicated support landing page. There, they receive the help they need promptly, and the likelihood of returns or negative feedback is reduced (15% average reduction). Custom-built help centers further elevate the customer experience by aligning perfectly with the brand’s aesthetics and providing a cohesive support journey. This is completely done for you by the Onsite design team.

Onsite Support also offers exclusive tools that are invaluable for Amazon sellers. For instance, you get early access to new features that will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and continuously improve your support strategies. There are also design and reporting services, such as return audits and review analysis. These provide in-depth insights into customer interactions and product performance. They can be used by sellers to make informed decisions and enhance their offerings.

These exclusive tools highlight why Amazon sellers look to Onsite Support for top-notch support. By addressing their specific challenges, we maintain high customer satisfaction, reduce return rates, and improve their overall performance on the platform.

3. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Onsite Support also amps efficiency and productivity up for Amazon sellers by streamlining the entire process of customer support for ecommerce. 

One of the key examples is the platform’s ability to provide all required information within each ticket. By having all relevant details readily available, support agents can address customer issues more accurately. There are even actions directly enabled from the tool without the need to switch between multiple platforms.

Onsite also ensures compliance with Amazon’s strict SLA requirements through powerful autoresponder features. These autoresponders automatically manage initial customer interactions. They ensure timely responses and keep you in line with Amazon’s policies. 

The platform supports multiple Amazon accounts and other marketplaces, such as Shopify, eBay, Walmart, and Etsy. This level of multi-channel support ensures that all customer interactions are consolidated. This further simplifies management.

Onsite Support also offers robust automation tools to further boost productivity. Canned responses with dynamic values allow agents to provide fast yet personalized replies. Tags and automation route tickets to the right agents for shorter response times and better resolutions. 

The AI bot is another unique feature. It provides auto and suggestive replies that resolve common issues without human intervention.

4. Superior Customer Experience

Onsite Support offers direct brand support through custom-curated support pages. These pages are rich with knowledge base articles, videos, guides, FAQs, live chat, and a comprehensive ticketing system. We ensure that customers can find the information they need quickly with a one-stop solution for all queries.

The impact of these features is evident in the metrics. For starters, 66% of customers who click the yellow “Get Product Support” button can resolve their issues without initiating a return. This proactive approach significantly reduces return rates, with Onsite Support helping sellers lower their return rates by an average of 15%. 

This reduction not only saves costs but also improves customer happiness and loyalty in the long run. With customer retention in ecommerce being a heavily influential factor, this just shows how Onsite Support can be the best choice for entrepreneurs from all over.

Thus, it’s no wonder why over 600 brands rely on Onsite Support for their Amazon customer support needs. Our platform also serves as an ecommerce customer portal software that helps brands build stronger relationships with buyers. As an ecommerce helpdesk software, we maintain a positive reputation for businesses in the marketplace too.

5. Comparing Onsite Support With Other Customer Service Solutions

Onsite Support outshines other customer service solutions with its focus on Amazon sellers. However, we’re also a leading choice as the best customer support software for ecommerce for our features dedicated to other marketplaces. 

Unlike other software with standard features like chatbots and ticketing, we offer custom help centers, marketplace-safe integrations, and branded QR codes. We even ensure compliance with platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Etsy, so you can link to your support pages with no problem.

Our platform offers comprehensive omnichannel support. We also support ecommerce sites directly via our Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Etsy, WooCommerce, Newegg, Back Market, and Shopify integration. We also bring all your interactions across voice, SMS, email, and social media into one unified inbox. 

Advanced Amazon integration allows the addition of the yellow “Get Product Support” button. Our free integration with ChannelReply lets direct actions like refunds and review requests within the app. We also have intelligent chatbots, macros, and dynamic automations to further streamline tasks.

Affordability is another key advantage. Onsite Support provides these advanced features at a competitive price, making it a cost-effective solution for sellers of all sizes.

6. Proven Results and Onsite Support in Action

Discover how Onsite Support has helped various brands achieve remarkable success in their customer service operations. From being a reliable ecommerce returns management software to increasing support efficiency, these case studies highlight the tangible benefits of our platform as the best Amazon seller software.

How Miko Raised Support Efficiency by 96%

Miko, a health and wellness company, faced challenges in managing the high volume of support requests for their tech-based products. Implementing Onsite Support allowed Miko to streamline their support processes. They added the “Get Product Support” button on their Amazon orders page and used automations to handle routine queries. This led to a 96% increase in support efficiency and allowed their small team to manage nearly double the ticket volume without additional staff.

By consolidating all support interactions into a unified platform, Miko improved response times and reduced the back-and-forth typically associated with complex technical products. As a result, Miko maintained a 98% positive seller rating while significantly reducing the workload on their support team. This shows the power of Onsite Support in handling growth and complexity.

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How Luminess Delivers On-Point Customer Service

Luminess, a brand offering technology-based beauty products, struggled with customer service issues that often turned into refund or return requests due to the limitations of Amazon’s support. By adopting Onsite Support, Luminess optimized the use of Amazon’s Product Lifecycle Support program. They directed customers to a branded help center through the “Get Product Support” button.

This strategic move, coupled with advanced ticketing and live chat features, enabled Luminess to address customer issues promptly and effectively. Within four months, Luminess saw a 40% reduction in returns and a 20% decrease in negative reviews. This just highlights Onsite Support’s ability to transform ecommerce customer service and enhance customer satisfaction.

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How Sojourn Consulting Services Tripled Their Support Capacity

Sojourn Consulting Services, an ecommerce agency, needed to handle a growing number of support requests for their clients’ multiple storefronts. Onsite Support, integrated with ChannelReply, allowed Sojourn to consolidate all messages into a single platform. This drastically improved their workflow and efficiency.

Despite a significant increase in support requests, Sojourn maintained its headcount. They leveraged Onsite Support’s automation and consolidation features to manage a 3.8X increase in caseload. This efficiency enabled Sojourn to optimize listings and drive sales for their clients while ensuring top-notch customer support.

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Experience the Onsite Support Advantage Today

In conclusion, Onsite Support stands out as the premier customer service solution and among the best apps for Amazon sellers. By offering seamless integration with Amazon, tailored features, enhanced efficiency through comprehensive automation, and a superior customer experience, we address the unique challenges faced by ecommerce businesses.

Our platform’s ability to streamline support processes, reduce return rates, and improve customer satisfaction is further demonstrated through the success stories of brands like Miko, Luminess, and Sojourn Consulting Services. These case studies highlight how Onsite Support helps businesses achieve remarkable improvements in their customer service operations.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your customer support. Explore Onsite Support today and discover how our comprehensive solution can transform your Amazon business, ensure happier customers, and leave you with a more efficient support team.

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